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September 6, 2017 - 2017 PacSwim Awards: Relay of the Year Finalists

Congratulations to the following swimmers who have been named finalists for the 2016-17 Relay of the Year award at the annual PacSwim Awards. The Relay of the Year award is awarded to a male and female relay team in each the age group and senior categories for a single relay swim between September 1, 2016, and August 31, 2017. The public may help decide the winners by voting for their favorites by clicking here. Voting will close on September 16th at 7pm. Winners will be announced at the annual PacSwim Awards on October 7, 2017.


AGE GROUP - FEMALE          
Jessica Davis Ana Jih-Schiff Alexis Depaco Shelby Suppiger CROW 1:59.92 13-14 200m Medley Relay
Davina Huang Lyla Elaydi Kelsey Zhang Bhavanashree Vishwanath SCSC 2:18.17 10 & U 200m Medley Relay
Sofia Tkachenko Rachel Gardner Abigail Ninan Angela Quan SCSC 4:40.95 11-12 400m Medley Relay
Stepahnie Sifferman Arianna Martinelli Angela Quan Lola Beams SCSC 3:39.40 11-12 400Y Free Relay
Jessica Davis Ana Jih-Schiff Alexis Depaco Katie Mitchell CROW 3:49.41 13-14 400Y Medley Relay


AGE GROUP - MALE          
Lorenzo Martinelli Michael Ding Jerry Chu Edwin Simeon SCSC 3:59.91 11-12 400Y Medley Relay
Justin Culetu Timothy Chou Dylan Hawk Matthew Chung SCSC 7:05.02 13-14 800Y Free Relay
Jake Welsh Zach Welsh Connor Grant Jeremy Coe LO 1:53.99 10&U 200Y Free Relay
Ethan Kim Tyler Duncan Harrison Willliams Jackson Picard PASA 1:49.28 11-12 200m Free Relay
Pavel Alovatki Adrian Dulay Devin Masongsong Will Nagle TERA 4:07.02 13-14 400m Medley Relay


Tina Le Nicole Oliva Jenny Ma Cathy Teng SCSC 8:22.86 800m Free Relay
Gillie Flath Isabella Barattolo Ashleen O'Brien Lexi Fusari DA 1:58.98 200m Medley Relay
Danielle Carter Grace Zhao Sophia Balmaceda Brooke Schaffer PASA 4:12.29 400m Medley Relay
Zoe Lusk Grace Zhao Gabrielle Anderson Isabelle Henig PASA 1:40.39 200Y Medley Relay
Nicole Oliva Jenny Ma Sophie Krivokapic-Zhou Cathy Teng SCSC 3:39.69 400Y Medley Relay


Alexei Sancov Nathan Barsanti Will Nagle Andrew Rodriguez TERA 7:35.55 800m Free Relay
Alex Liang Michael Lincoln Brian Copley Albert Gwo PASA 1:22.01 200Y Free Relay
Alex Liang Maximilian Pokutta Albert Gwo Michael Lincoln PASA 1:30.01 200Y Medley Relay
Jonah Cooper Calvin David Maxime Rooney Lleyton Plattel PLS 7:29.71 800m Free Relay
Jolen Griffen Derrick Garcia Max Cruz Costello Samuel Ayers OAPB 1:47.50 200m Medley Relay