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February 12, 2020 - ACSC Senior Open Preliminaries and Finals Meet Protocols February 15-16, 2020

ACSC Senior Open Preliminaries and Finals Meet Protocols
February 15-16, 2020


The Scratch Box for Saturday’s Preliminary and Timed Final Events will close on Friday, February 14th at 5:30 pm. Coaches and Athletes should email their scratches to:

Mary Ruddell -

Mike Piccardo -

Michael Davis -

Scratches for Sunday’s Preliminary and Timed Final Events will close on Saturday, February 15th, 30 minutes after the start of Finals on Saturday.

If your Athlete will not be attending the Meet, please notify us and we will do an "All Meet Scratch".

If an Athlete misses the Scratch Box deadline but does not wish to swim a Preliminary Event that they are entered they may “Declare a False Start” (DFS) up until just prior to the start of that heat. Declared False Starts can be made at the Admin Desk (in the alcove facing the pool in front of the office) for that day’s Preliminary Events until 8:45 AM. After that Declared False Starts will be accepted at the starting trailer.

Athletes who miss an Event and did not Scratch or Declare a False Start will be scratched from the remainder of their Events for that day. In addition, the Athlete will need to positively check in for the next day’s Events prior to the close of the scratch box in order to be seeded the next day. If the Athlete has qualified for a final prior to being a No Show, they will be allowed to swim that Final.

Declared False Starts count against the maximum number of Events allowed per day. The maximum number of events is three (3) per day. It is the Athlete’s responsibility to scratch down to 3 events prior to the close of the Scratch Box.


The Scratch Book for Finals will be at the Admin Desk. Athletes have up to 30 minutes after the announcement of the preliminary results to "scratch" or declare their "intention to scratch" from that Final Event.

A "failure to compete" (aka No Show) will result in the athlete being barred from further competition for the remainder of the Meet. There are no Declared False Starts (DFS) or Delay of Meet (DQ) allowed for Finals.  If the “failure to compete” occurs on the last day that the Athlete is entered in an individual Final event in the Meet, and no other individual penalty is applicable, the Athlete shall then be fined $100.00.