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February 22, 2017 - Nominations to be Voted on at May HOD

The Nominating Committee has presented its slate for the upcoming elections at the May House of Delegates Meeting. If you are interested in running or nominating someone to run for an office, please contact Clint Benton. Nominations will also be taken from the floor at the HOD meeting.


Position Current Holder Eligible for another term Y/N Possible Candidate
General Chairman John Bitter N David Benjamin
Vice-Chair Program Development Todd Krohn Y Veronica Hernandez
Vice-Chair Program Operations Leo Lin N Debbie Tucker
Secretary Debbi Tucker y Marie Lin
Treasurer Mary Ruddell Y Mary Ruddell
Registrar Judy Siegrist Y Judy Siegrist
Senior Chair Lehla Irwin Y Lehla Irwin
Age Group Chair Joey Sementelli Y Kyle Kikuta
Age Group Chair     Liv Lyons
At Large Member David Cottam N Leo Lin
At Large Member Larry Rice Y Larry Rice
At Large Member Marie Lin Y Mike Piccardo
At Large Member Susi Jackson Y Susi Jackson
At Large Member Veronica Hernandez N Jay Rowland
At Large Member     Curtiss Kikuta
Admin Board of Review Andy Clifford Y Cont one more year
Admin Board of Review Alex Cheng Y Cont one more year
Admin Board of Review Paul Reidl Y Cont one more year
Admin Board of Review Aaron Burrows Y Aaron Burrows
Admin Board of Review Danielle Christenson Y Danielle Christenson
Volunteer of the Year     Mike Piccardo
Volunteer of the Year     Veronica Hernandez