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January 12, 2023 - Congratulations to our 2023 Olympic Paralympic Training Camp Participants

Pacific Swimming is sending 24 athletes to a Distance Camp at the Olympic & Paralympic Training Center (formerly OTC) in February. Congratulations athletes!

Selected Participants
Female   Male
Brooke Bennett PLS   Enzo  Balbuena SCSC
Sophia Curran LO   William Canori AC
Addison Finn PASA   Michael Chuang SCSC
Malia Groen QSS   Jeremy Coe BAC
Alisa Huang PASA   Phil Lin PLS
Edana Huang PASA-DZ   Isaac Litwiller QSS
Charlotte Lungren PASA   Zachary Power LAKE
Natalie Mak CROW   Kevin Raghunathan PASA
Brielle Mullikin PLS   Derek Shang QSS
Isabella Smith OAPB   Garic Shao QSS
Ava Taylor QSS   Kealan Tupper PLS
Lily Yung OAPB   Ethan Wang PLS