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April 26, 2022 - National Certification Evaluations to Take Place at Upcoming SCSC International Meet

National Evaluations for Officials Taking Place at the Upcoming SCSC International Meet (June 9-12, 2022) in Santa Clara - Officials wishing to be evaluated must apply with Leo Lin via email prior to the meet or when they first arrive at the competition and attend pre-session meetings. Briefing will occur one hour before the start of both trials and finals. Officials' dress for finals is a white polo/blouse, blue long pants or a skirts. and closed white athletic shoes. 

For an N2 or N3 evaluation to be valid, it must be done over four sessions in the same position. Recertification evaluations must be done over two sessions; however, the official must work at least four sessions at the meet for advancement/recertification evaluation(s) to be valid.

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