Safe Sport Monday Scenarios


Safe Sport Mondays is a program to launch a national conversation within swim clubs about everyday issues that clubs face. Having regular short conversations about different team- and Safe Sport-related issues can strengthen a club’s values and open productive communication channels.

Our goal: We hope that this will spark meaningful conversations across the country and that clubs will discover that Safe Sport is accessible and helpful in building strong, healthy communities within the club.

How it works:

  • Every month, a scenario and discussion guide will be emailed out to you to distribute to coaches in your LSC.
  • Coaches will be asked to read the scenario with their swimmers of all ages on the first Monday of the month and have a short, 5-10 minute discussion about the scenario.

August 2018 Scenario - Emotional Boundaries

July 2018 Scenario - Okay to Tell?

June 2018 Scenario - Locker Rooms - Inappropriate Jokes

May 2018 Scenario - Emotional Boundaries with Coaches

April 2018 Scenario - Consent and Body Contact

March 2018 Scenario - Video in Locker Room

February 2018 Scenario - Burger King Bullying

January 2018 Scenario - Team Values

2017 and Earlier Scenarios