Board of Directors Documents

In 2019, Pacific's Board of Directors will meet on February 20, April 17, July 17, September 18, and November 20. All members of Pacific Swimming and USA Swimming are welcome to attend. Board meetings are generally held at the Courtyard San Ramon, 18090 San Ramon Valley Road, San RamonBoard meetings start at 7:30 PM and generally end at 9 PM.

Call- In # 1-866-305-2467
Participant Code: 606844
Go To Meeting: #319-043-725

Below are the agenda, minutes, reports and motions for the most recent BOD meeting.  Click here to access archived meeting minutes.

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Agenda - 4/17/19 BOD Meeting
Revised 4/15/19


Minutes - 4/17/19 BOD Meeting

Officer Reports

General Chair Report 4/17/19

Treasurer Report
Draft Statement of Financial Position 2/28/19 & 3/31/19

Treasurer Report
Draft Statement of Activities Budget Performance 2/28/19

Treasurer Report
Draft Statement of Activities Budget Performance 3/31/19

2019-2020 Proposed Budget

Budget Notes
Accompanies Proposed 2019-20 Budget

Staff Report

Registration/Membership Report 4/17/19

Committee Reports

Diversity Committee Report 4/17/19
From 2/21/19 Meeting

Scheduling Report 4/17/19

Senior Committee Report 4/17/19

Officials Report 4/17/19

Zone Reports

Zone 4 Report - 4/17/19

Old Business

Motion 1902DT1 - Charitable Solicitations
Proposal to add to Policies and Procedures regarding online charitable solicitations

Motion 1902MR1 - Increase in Far Western Fees

New Business

New Bylaws - Bylaws Template from USA Swimming
Posted 4/12/19

New Bylaws - Draft Bylaws to BOD
Posted 4/12/19


2018 Motions
Updated 2/20/19

2019 Motions
Updated 2/20/19

Budget and Other Board Documents and Forms

2018-2019 Budget
As approved by the May 2018 House of Delegates Meeting.

2019-2020 Budget
As approved by the May 2019 House of Delegates Meeting.

Committee Application
To be used by interested parties to apply to serve on a Pacific committee.

Committee Report Template (word version)

Committee Report Template (pdf version)

Pacific Swimming, Inc. Crisis Management Plan
Pacific Swimming's general procedures for handling crisis management and disaster recovery.

Document Survey Form
The form provides Pacific Swimming with a list of the type and scope of documents that are created and maintained by each elected and appointed officer and committee chair (e.g Treasurer, Age Group, Diversity, Sanction etc.).

Statement of Principles on Ethical Behavior & Conflict of Interest
Pacific's guidelines for behavior for Board members. It should be completed by new Board members and returned to the Secretary, and annually thereafter.

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