Time Standards
Pacific Swimming Age-Group and Senior time standards, as well as USA Swimming's Sectional, Grand Prix and National Championship time standards. Note, that effective September 1, Pacific Swimming will begin using USA Swimming's Motivational time standards for our age group program.… Go »
Top Times
Pacific's top time reports are derived from the USA Swimming SWIMS database.  Our top times include times achieved by all swimmers registered in Pacific in all sanctioned, approved, and observed USAS meets.  For more information on sanctioned, approved and observed meets click… Go »
Pacific age group and senior records are current as of August 31, 2015 (the close of the most recently concluded "swim year"). Pacific records set during the current "swim year" are shown separately.  All-Star relay records are current as of August 2015. Short Course Far… Go »
The official source for historical times data for individual swimmers is USA Swimming's SWIMS database. Results from all meets - i.e. all sanctioned, approved, and observed competitions - recognized by USA-S are uploaded into this database. It is this database where all entry times for… Go »