Club Development

We hope all the coaches enjoyed coming to hear our USA Swimming High Performance Consultant, Russell Mark speak. We will continue to look for opportunities to bring these events to coaches and clubs. Below are references from his talk for coaches to use


Fly above water
Fly underwater
Fly underwater slo-mo
Fly press
Breast press

Webinar Links (with video and explanations)

USA Butterfly Revolution
PDF slides

Dolphin Kick
PDF slides

PDF slides

PDF slides

Freestyle: Arm Stroke
PDF slides

Freestyle: The Foundation
PDF slides

PDF slides

Starts & Turns
PDF slides

How To Evaluate Technique
PDF slides

Fly Breathing Patterns
(1-1-1 means breathing every stroke.  1-2-1-2-1 means 1 up 1 down)
100 Fly
200 Men's Fly
200 Women's Fly
Bob Bowman Fly Perspective

For any questions or comments regarding Club Development, contact Don Heidary, Club Develpment Director, at

Grant Program

The Pacific Swimming Board of Directors, Investment Committee and Club Development Committee, announce the next set of grants available to Pacific Swimming Clubs. This grant program covers four years, with clubs eligible to earn grants from Pacific Swimming for Facilities/Site Enhancement, Athlete Equipment, Coach Training and Olympic Trials Support.

This year's grant focuses on Athletes and Equipment. Clubs may apply for a grant ranging from $1,000 to $1,500. Ideas for ways that clubs can use this grant include:

  • Training equipment
  • Technology
  • Video analysis
  • Dryland equipment/program

Examples: Finis training equipment, a Dr. G video session, a consultant, Bridge, med balls, underwater camera, TRX, etc.

Club requirements for Equipment Grant:

  • Clubs shall be in good standing with Pacific Swimming, i.e., no outstanding obligations and current on registrations
  • Clubs shall be represented at the May 6 or October 8, 2017 October House of Delegates meetings
  • Clubs shall have working officials at a minimum of:
  • One official for clubs under 100 members
  • Three officials for clubs from 101 members to 200 members
  • Five officials for clubs over 200 members

Note: a “working official” is one who has worked at least ten sessions per year and must be attached to the club during the qualification period of Sept 1, 2016, to August 31, 2017.

Grant awards will be as follows:

  • Clubs between 20 and 100 year-round members will receive $1,000
  • Clubs from 101 to 200 year-round members will receive $1,250
  • Clubs over 200 year-round members will receive $1,500

Note: clubs must have at least 20 year-round, attached athletes, and cannot be collegiate clubs.

Grant Information and Application

Mentor Program

Mentor Program Information and Forms

Reimbursement Form
Excel and PDF formats

Coach Education

ASCA Videos


What Makes a Successful Age Group Coach
The Needed Skills and How To Acquire Them (from ASCA San Diego 2015)

The Small Club's Guide to Success
(from ASCA New Orleans 2013)

Questions Parents Don't Ask
(ASCA Newsletter)