Athlete & Coach Travel Support

Through the Senior Travel Support Program, Pacific Swimming seeks to support its member athletes at the highest levels of competition.  For information on travel support eligibility, please review and fill out the documents on this page.

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Athlete & Coach Travel Support

Travel Support Guidelines - Updated 10/18/17
Background on Pacific's travel support program for athletes and coaches, and includes eligibility details.

Travel Support Request - Futures Meet - Due 10/4/19
PDF & Excel Versions - Updated 3.6.19

Travel Support Request - Pro Swim Series - Greensboro, Knoxville, Des Moines, Mission Viejo, Indianapolis
PDF & Excel Versions - Updated 8.20.19 - Greensboro (Due 1/10/20); Knoxville (Due 3/20/20); Des Moines (Due 5/8/20); Mission Viejo (Due 6/19/20); Indianapolis (Due 7/10/20)

Travel Support Request - Winter US Open - Due 2/7/20
PDF & Excel Versions - Updated 9.18.19

Travel Support Request - Winter Jr. Nationals - Due 2/14/20
PDF & Excel Versions - Updated 9.18.19

Travel Support Request - Winter Sectionals - Due 2/17/20
PDF & Excel Versions - Updated 9.19.18

Travel Support Request - Olympic Trials - Due 8/28/20

Travel Support Request - Generic Form
PDF & Excel Versions - Updated 1.23.17 For meets not listed above (International, Nisca, All American, etc.)

Travel Policy Guidelines & Recommendations
Includes a generic template travel policy for clubs approved by USA Swimming Board of Directors. All clubs seeking travel assistance through PC must prepare a written travel policy and must have a hard copy of their travel policy on file with Pacific Swimming Office-Membership. Any club that has not completed this task with PC will not qualify for travel reimbursement offered through Pacific's Disbursement Policy.