Post-Meet Forms (Financial & Recap)

After every Pacific Swimming competition, the host club is required to submit a meet recap report as well as a meet financial report to the LSC Treasurer. Below are the appropritate documents for dual/quad/tri meets, closed invitationals, C/B/A+, championship meets, and more. If you have questions regarding any of the financial documents, contact Mary Ruddell, Pacific Swimming Treasurer at For questions regarding meet recap forms, contact Laurie Benton at

Post-Meet Forms - Financial

2016 Meet Financial Report - CBA+, AGO, SR & Championships

2017 Meet Financial Report - CBA+, AGO, SR & Championships

Sanction Only - Dual/Tri/Quad & Closed Invitational Meets

Meet Financial Report - Dual/Tri/Quad & Closed Invitational Meets

Post-Meet Forms - Recap

Dual-, Tri-, Quad-, League Meet Report

Swim Meet On-Site Registration
Guidelines and deadlines for registering new swimmers at a swim meet

Meet Registration Recap