Welcome Officials!

Your Zone 1 South officials co-chairs are Jennifer McKennan and Gary Arita. 
If you are not on the Zone 1 South officials mailing list, please contact Gary.


Corner Officials Assignments

The 2018-19 Officials Assignments



Official Programs for USA-S Clubs

Program Document


How To Become An Official

Certification Steps for new Stroke & Turn and Admin Officials


Official's Clinic

The Pacific Officials Clinic is usually held in early October.  Monitor the Pacific Officials website section for the latest information.  Zone 1 South holds clinics once or twice a year and has mini clinics during some meets.  Word will be sent out through club coaches and our officials distribution list.  


Background-Check Reimbursement

Officials will be reimbursed for the cost of their background checks, $36.50 for new officials and $18 every 2 years for renewals.  New officials must be certified (not trainees) before being reimbursed.  To get your background check, go to the USA-S site and select the appropriate option.  

To get your reimbursement, see "DOCUMENTS" on the left column for a check request form.  Along with the form, Include your receipt, but do not include the results attachment as it contains personal information. 


Officials' Documents


Other Documents