Altitude Adjustments

Swimmers coming to Zone-4 from lower elevations sometimes notice our altitude. At the various pools in Zone-4, a lungful of air contains between 79% and 86% of the oxygen found at sea level.

Athletes in many sports, including swimming, often seek out opportunities to train and compete at higher altitudes, to increase the efficiency with which their bodies absorb and use oxygen. An example is the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, at 6035 feet elevation, offering about 80% of sea-level oxygen.

Altitude gives athletes who train and compete in our area an advantage when they compete in locations closer to sea-level. Did you know that USA Swimming allows your times achieved at altitude, for events 200 yards or longer, to be adjusted (faster) for entry into swim meets held at lower elevations?  (NOTE: altitude-adjusted times may be used ONLY for qualification and entry times for meets, and cannot be used for records or other official times.)

The allowable adjustments for times achieved at most Zone-4 pools range from 1.20 sec for 200 yards, 5.00 sec for 400 or 500 yards, to 23.00 sec for 1650 yards. The Bishop CA and Fernley NV pools are just below 4250 feet, and times achieved there have smaller adjustments.

For more information, click here for the current altitude adjustments in use by USA Swimming. See below for the altitudes of specific competition pools in Zone 4.

To see your adjusted times, search the USA Swimming Times Database.  (Note that SwimConnection LLC does NOT store or generate altitude-adjusted times.)

Keep enjoying our high country air!

Altitudes of Zone 4 Competition Pools:

Bishop City Pool -- 4150 feet
Carson City Aquatic Facility -- 4665 feet
Carson Valley Swim Center (Minden) -- 4720 feet
Fernley Swim Pool -- 4190 feet
Idlewild Pool (Reno) -- 4530 feet
Northwest Pool (Reno) -- 4790 feet
South Lake Tahoe Recreation Complex -- 6250 feet

University of Nevada, Reno (Lombardi) -- 4620 feet