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FAQ: do Nevada High School swimmers need to unattach from their club team during High School season?

ANSWER: NO!!  Unlike California schools competing under CIF rules, swimmers from schools competing under Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association (NIAA) rules do NOT have to unattach from their club team to remain eligible to represent their High School team.  If you attend meets in California during High School season, you may be told to unattach.  If this happens, you should explain that you compete under Nevada High School rules and are not required to.

SPECIAL NOTE: CALIFORNIA HIGH SCHOOLS IN SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, NORTH LAKE TAHOE, AND TRUCKEE ALSO COMPETE UNDER NEVADA HIGH SCHOOL RULES, and are not required to unattach!  High Schools in Mammoth Lakes and Bishop, California, compete under California (CIF) rules and ARE required to unattach during High School season.