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Pacific Swimming member clubs are permitted to use the Pacific Swimming logo, and may download or copy the digital version of the logo from this site for use on their own web sites. Additional permitted uses of the USA Swimming/Pacific Swimming logo for clubs are described in the USA Swimming Logo Standards Manual.

Collection of Personal Information

The Pacific Swimming web site does not collect or retain any personally identifying information from its visitors.

Use of Personal Information

As an administrative subdivision of USA Swimming, also known as a Local Swim Committee (LSC), Pacific Swimming's use of personal information is consistent with that of USA Swimming, its parent, which follows:

Information concerning members of USA Swimming acquired during the registration process is the property of USA Swimming and its use is within the control of USA Swimming. USA Swimming strictly limits the use of member's personal information to that information necessary for the conduct of the business of USA Swimming and its LSCs (including Pacific Swimming).

To clarify the issue of publishing information regarding USA Swimming members by USA Swimming and its LSCs (including Pacific Swimming), the Board of Directors of USA Swimming has approved the following policy:

The following information, and only the following information, shall be acceptable for publication in any form, including but not limited to the World Wide Web, regarding any USA Swimming member without authorization from the athlete, if of majority; the athlete's? parent/guardian, if a minor; or the non-athlete member: name, age in years, club affiliation, time and place, and any awards or honors.

Authorization to publish the contact information provided by a member (limited to name, address, telephone number(s), email address and fax number) is deemed given by any member serving USA Swimming, an LSC (such as Pacific Swimming), or a club member as an officer, board member, committee member or designated club contact, and any meet referee or meet director with respect to any meet announcement wherein they have agreed to be so designated.

USA Swimming membership numbers may be published when done for data transmission only. USA Swimming membership numbers may not under any circumstance be published together with the name of the member or in a series of reports that when taken together will reveal the name and membership number of the member.


The Pacific Swimming web site contains links to club, advertiser, and other web sites of potential interest to its members. Pacific Swimming is not responsible for the content or the privacy practices of these web sites.


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