Club Grants

The Board of Directors and the Investment Committee
The Pacific Swimming Grant Program

To further support the critical areas of our LSC, Pacific Swimming is offering a structured Grant Program to support facilities and the meet hosting process, the development of the athlete, and the professional growth of the coach.



Grant Overview

Pacific Swimming will fund any one of the following three types of grants, but a club may seek one and only one type of grant for this year with the following exception. A multisite club with two or more sites with 150+ athletes may submit two grant proposals. The Grants, with examples, will be as follows:

The total Grant amount will be approximately $35,000 and will be offered to all year-round clubs in good standing up to a maximum of $3,000 per grant. Grants will be evaluated by the Pacific Swimming Investment Committee (the committee). Awarded amounts may be less than requested based on the number of grant requests received and the worthiness of each grant as determined by the committee. The grant application is accessible separately from the Pacific Swimming website home page (here). The application is not designed to be cumbersome, but is intended to reward clubs for growth and development in critical areas of:

  • LSC compliance, support, and goodwill
  • Coach development
  • Relative performance


Specific Areas of Importance in Evaluating Applications

Unlike the previous grant program, rather than using a point system the following areas important to the committee will be used in evaluating grant requests.

  • In good standing with Pacific Swimming (mandatory)
  • Attend May and October HOD (mandatory – clubs may call in)
  • Officials – meets minimum requirement (mandatory)
    • 1 – 100 athletes: 1 official
    • 101 – 200 athletes: 3 officials
    • 201+ athletes: 5 officials
  • Athlete Reps
  • Member of Zone BOD
  • Member of Pacific Swimming Committee
  • Coach member of Pacific Swimming BOD; USA-S BOD
  • Host Zone Meets
  • Host Pacific Swimming Meets
  • ASCA Certification
  • Continuing Education (e.g., ASCA World Clinic or other clinic, class or course related to coaching)
  • Learn-to-Swim Program
  • Other items you would like considered.

Applications, with supporting documentation, will be due by January 15th, and should be submitted via PDF and emailed to both:

Mike Piccardo Investment Committee Chair 
Cindy Rowland Pacific Swimming Staff

NOTE: Once approved, Pacific Swimming will only reimburse receipts for these grants and not pre-fund purchases or projects, as management and accounting of this will be extensive. To help with oversight, we ask that applications be thorough and accurate and supporting documentation be attached. We also ask that complete integrity be used. Any application with intentionally inaccurate information will disqualify clubs from future eligibility. Multi-site clubs will be considered as one club for eligibility.


For General Questions:

Mike Piccardo Investment Committee Chair 
Debbi Tucker Finance Vice-Chair
Kyler Van Swol Vice Chair, Program Operations
Cindy Rowland Pacific Swimming Staff
Lehla Irwin General Chair
Club Grant Application - Fillable PDF

Club Grant Application - PDF for Printing