Finance Documents

Copies of Pacific Swimming's annual tax returns are available by written request.

Pacific Swimming Statement of Purpose - Investment Funds


Request for Reimbursement
For requesting reimbursement from Pacific for items purchased, or payment from PC for services provided. Note that tax identification number and current address must be provided before any payment for services provided to Pacific will be made. (Updated 9/6/22)

W-9 Form
Must be submitted with Request for Reimbursement form when payment for services provided to Pacific will be made directly to a vendor.

Audited and Reviewed Financial Statements

8-31-2020 Reviewed Financial Statements

8-31-2019 Reviewed Financial Statements

8-31-2018 Reviewed Financial Statements

8-31-2017 Reviewed Financial Statements


2020-2024 Quad Budget

Compliance Calendar

LSC and Zone Annual Compliance Calendar