Meet Directors

Safe Sport Posters & Signage

USA-S Meet Director's Handbook

USA Swimming Meet Director's Handbook

Safe Sport at Meets: A Resource Guide

MAAPP - Sample Language for Meets

Meet 360
An informational resource guide intended to assist meet administrators in creating a healthy and positive environment free from abuse for athletes

MEFAP Form for Athletes
Updated 8.10.23

Applying for a Sanction

Sanction Application - Pool Meets
Step by step information on how to apply for a meet sanction, as well as the sanction application. All applications should be submitted to 120 days prior to the scheduled date of competition.

Sanction Application - Open Water
Both the Pacific Swimming sanction application and the online USA Swimming Open Water meet application link ( are included. Both documents must be fully completed before submitting to Once approved by the LSC Sanctions Chair, the application packet will be forwarded to USA Swimming for further review and approval.

League Administrative Policies
Updated 9.1.21

Safe Sport Meet Announcements

Sanction Application - Required COVID Checklist
Revised 6.21.21 (Fillable PDF)

Meet Sheet Templates

Intrasquad/Dual Meet Template - Updated 8/7/23
To be used as a template for drafting a Intrasquad/Dual Meet meet information sheet.

C/B/A+ - Updated 8/17/23
To be used as a template for drafting a C/B/A+ meet information sheet.

Senior Open - Updated 8/7/23
To be used as a template for drafting a Senior Open meet information sheet.

Senior 2 Trials & Finals - Updated 8/7/23
To be used as a template for drafting a Senior 2 Trials & Finals meet information sheet.

Entry Fees and Registration

PC Entry Fees
Effective 9.1.23

MEFAP Form for Athletes - English
Updated 8.10.23

Card Templates

Relay Card Template
Use this template to print relay cards for your meet

Split Card Template
Use this template to print cards to request split times be recorded.

Meet Financial Forms

After every Pacific Swimming competition, the host club is required to submit a meet recap report as well as a meet financial report to the LSC Treasurer. Below is the link to the appropriate documents for dual/quad/tri meets, closed invitationals, C/B/A+, championship meets, and more. If you have questions regarding any of the financial documents, contact Mary Ruddell, Pacific Swimming Treasurer at For questions regarding meet recap forms, contact Laurie Benton at

Most Current Post-Meet Forms (Financial & Recap)

Meet Reporting Requirements
Revised April 20, 2022