Board of Directors Documents

In 2021, Pacific's Board of Directors will meet on February 17, March 17, April 21, July 21, September 15, and November 17. All members of Pacific Swimming and USA Swimming are welcome to attend. The July 21, 2021, Meeting will be held via Zoom only. The July Board meeting start time is 7:30 pm and generally lasts under two hours.

Board of Directors Meeting

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Meeting ID: 932 1155 6825
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Meeting ID: 932 1155 6825
Password: email for password

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Below are the agenda, minutes, reports and motions for the most recent BOD meeting.  Click here to access archived meeting minutes.

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Minutes - 4/21/21 BOD Meeting
Amended and Approved 7.21.21

Minutes - 7/21/21 BOD Meeting
Posted 7/26/21

Officer Reports

Treasurer Report
June 2021 Statement of Financial Position

Treasurer Report
June 2021 Draft Statement of Activities Budget Performance

Staff Reports

Pacific Swimming Staff Meeting Minutes
Staff Minutes 4/26/21-7/6/21

Registration/Membership Report 7/21/21

Committee Reports

Finance Committee & Investment Committee Reports 7/21/21

Diversity Disability Equity Inclusion Committee Report
From 4/22/21 Meeting

Diversity Disability Equity Inclusion Committee Report
From 5/22/21 Meeting

Diversity Disability Equity Inclusion Committee Report
From 6/24/21 Meeting

Officials Committee Report 7/18/21

Old Business

Motion 2101VCPO03 Concussion Requirements
Revised 7/21/21, 5:38 pm

Motion 2101VCP004 Official Position of Pacific Swimming on AB5
Revised 7/21/21, 5:38 pm

Motion 2106AC01 Amendments to Athlete Section XVIII in the P&P

Motions 2104ECTF01, 02 Subscription to Email Service

New Business

Pacific Swimming Meet Reporting Procedures
Effective 9/1/21

Motion 2107FVC & TTF01
Job Description of Finance Vice Chair and Treasurer

Motion 2107FC01
Redesignation of the purpose of the Board Designated Fund

Motion 2107FC02
Athlete Travel Support Budget Increase for Sectionals

Motion 2107TR01
Signers on Checking Account Revised 7.21.21

Motion 2107CC01 & 2107CC01 Camps Committee
Changes to Co-pay and Budget for Reopening Camp Budgets


2018 Motions
Updated 2/20/19

2019 Motions
Updated 11/20/19

2020 Motions

Motions Passed in 2021 as of 7.21.21

Budget and Other Board Documents and Forms

Committee Report Template (Word version)

Committee Report Template (PDF version)
Fillable PDF

Statement of Principles on Ethical Behavior & Conflict of Interest
Pacific's guidelines for behavior for Board members. It should be completed by new Board members and returned to the Secretary, and annually thereafter.

Pacific Swimming, Inc. Crisis Management Plan - Revised 9/27/20
Pacific Swimming's general procedures for handling crisis management and disaster recovery. Revised 9/27/20