House of Delegates Documents

House of Delegates meetings are held twice a year. In 2024, a HOD meeting is scheduled for May 19, 2024 and October 13, 2024. House of Delegates meeting details will be announced prominently on this page, the House of Delegates page, and on the PacSwim homepage. Pacific Swimming's House of Delegates meet bi-annually in May and October. The May 19, 2024, Meeting is scheduled to be held via Zoom with a scheduled meeting start time of 5:30 pm and generally lasts under two hours. 

All clubs are required to send a delegate to each meeting. Every club in Pacific Swimming can have up to two voting delegates on file; however, only one delegate can vote at the meetings. If you are unsure of who are the listed delegates, or if your club wishes to change the name of one of your delegates, email Laurie Benton or click for the current Delegate Form. Updates must be made no later than May 1, 2024.

Meeting Information

Date:  Sunday, May 19, 2024

Check-in:  5:00 - 5:30 pm

House of Delegates:  5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Register for Zoom Link:

Below are the agenda, minutes, reports, motions and other documents posted for the most recent HOD meeting.


Agenda - 5/19/24 HOD
Revised 5/18/24


Minutes - 10/15/23 HOD Meeting
Revised 11.10.23

Minutes - 11/15/23 BOD Meeting

Minutes - 1/17/24 Exec. Comm. Meeting

Minutes - 2/15/23 BOD Meeting

Minutes - 3/20/24 Exec. Comm. Meeting

Minutes - 4/17/24 BOD Meeting


Slate of Nominees for Board of Directors 9/24 through 8/26
Posted 4/29/24

Officer Reports

General Chair Report - 5/19/24
Posted 5/16/24

Administrative Vice Chair Report
Posted 5/13/24

Staff Reports

Pacific Swimming Staff Report - 5/24

Staff Meeting Minutes
From 11.2.23 through 5.9.24

Committee Reports

Athlete Report

DDEI Presentation

Finance Committee Report - 5/19/24

Officials Committee Report - 5/24

Governance Report - 5/24

Open Water Committee - 5/24

Investment Committee Report - 5/24

Senior Committee Report - 5/24

Zone 4 Report - 5/24


Pacific Swimming 2024-2028 Quad Budget

2024-25 Budget Notes


2021 Motions Generated by the BOD
Revised 2/16/22

2022 Motions Generated by the BOD
Revised 2/15/23

2023 Motions Generated by the BOD

Motions Passed in 2024 as of 4.17.24

Other Delegate Documents and Forms

2024 Delegate Designation Form

Committee Application Form

Committee Report Template (link to Goggle Form)

Crisis Management Plan 2023-2025
Pacific Swimming's general procedures for handling crisis management and disaster recovery. Revised 2023