The following are Pacific's committees and the members associated with each (Chair designated in bold):

Age Group

Kyle Kikuta Verónica Hernández (Coach)
Mark Taliaferro (Coach) Mike Allegretti (Coach)
Stefan Bill (Coach) Jim Morefield (Official)
Mike Keck (Coach) Lily Struempf (Athlete Representative)
Alana Silva (Athlete Representative) Ainsley Jane Tambling (Athlete Representative)
Asha Kannan (Athlete Representative) Calista Lynch (Athlete Representative)
Sophie Boeun (Athlete Representative) Emma Little (Athlete Representative)
Annie Stein (Staff Liaison)  


Verónica Hernández (Coach)  
Aidan Pflieger (Z4 - RENO) - Sr. Rep Anika Nagpal (Z2 - AAA) - Jr. Rep
Ainsley Jane Tambling (LO) - Z1N Zone Rep Sophie Boeun (QSS) - Z1S Zone Rep
Lily Struempf (OAPB) - Z2 Zone Rep Gabriel Cueva (VJO) - Z3 Zone Rep
Sophia DeLange (CARS) - Z4 Zone Rep Millie Nygren
Cindy Rowland (Staff Liaison) Diana Fetterman (Staff Liaison)


Mary Ruddell (Finance Liaison) Cindy Rowland (Staff Liaison)

Administrative Review Board

TBD (2021-2023 Term)
TBD (2021-2023 Term)
TBD (2021-2023 Term)
TBD (2022-2024 Term)
TBD (2022-2024 Term)
Cindy Rowland (Staff Liaison)  


Cindy Rowland  
Calista Lynch (Athlete Representative) Rachel Arndt (Athlete Representative)
Cindy Rowland (Staff Liaison)  

Club Development

Don Heidary (Coach)  
Lily Struempf (Athlete Representative) Lillian Chau (Athlete Representative)
Diana Fetterman (Staff Liaison)  

Disability, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Kent Yoshiwara Kelly Crowley                                          
Verónica Hernández (Coach) Laura Mitchell (Coach)
Valerie Rudd (Official) Karyn Kikuta (Official)
Kyle Kikuta (Coach) John Schonder (Coach)
Lillian Bautista (Official) Mike Piccardo (Official)                                
Helen Garcia (Coach) Liv Lyons (Coach)
Ernest Leong (Athlete Representative) Grecia Davila (Athlete Representative)
Anika Nagpal (Athlete Representative) Sophie Boeun (Athlete Representative)
Natalie Fearn (Athlete Representative) Oakley Briskman (Athlete Representative)
Rachel Arndt (Athlete Representative) Sadie Breen (Athlete Representative)
Joyce Lee (Athlete Representative) Laurie Benton (Athlete Representative)


Mary Ruddell David Benjamin (Official)
TBD (Audit Chair) Mike Piccardo (Z1S) (Official)
Dustin Fukuta (Z1N) (Coach) Carol Cottam (Z2) (Official)
Blanca Prado (Z3) (Coach) Jerry Rudd (Z4) (Official)
Debbi Tucker (At-Large Member) (Official) Cherise Wong (Athlete Representative)
Samantha Li (Athlete Representative) Sebastian Wong (Athlete Representative)
Cindy Rowland (Staff Liaison)  


Larry Rice (Z1N) Mark Taliaferro (Z1S) (Coach)
Peter McNamara (Z2) (Official) TBD (Z3)
Jim Morefield (Z4) (Official) Leo Lin (VP Program Operations) (Official)
David Benjamin (At-Large Member) (Official) Aidan Pflieger (Athlete Representative)
Anika Nagpal (Athlete Representative)  


Mike Piccardo  
David Benjamin (Official) Don Heidary (Coach)
Leo Lin (Official)  
Mary Ruddell (Official) TBD (Audit Chair)          
Debbi Tucker (At-Large Member) (Official) Cindy Rowland (Staff Liaison)
Ainsley Jane Tambling (Athlete Representative)  

Meet Awarding

Annie Stein  
Phil Grant (Officials) (Z3) Joann Porter (Z4)
Kyle Kikuta (Age Group Chair) (Z1S) Carlene Takaki (Senior Coach Rep) (Z1N)
Verónica Hernández (VP Program Develop.) Ernest Leong (Athlete Representative)
Lucy Norris (Athlete Representative) Annie Stein (Staff Liaison) (Z1N)


Phil Grant                                       
Katherine Ng-Suen (Z1N) (Official) Sylvain Flamant (Z1N) (Official)
Gary Arita (Z1S) (Official) Jeanette Soe (Z1S) (Official)
Markus Daene (Z2) (Official) Lisa Kaplan (Z2) (Official)
Debbi Tucker (Z3) (Official) Sarah Obbagy (Z3) (Official)
Valerie Rudd (Z4) (Official) Kendra Follett (Z4) (Official)
Sophie Bouen (Athlete Representative) Aidan Pfleiger (Athlete Representative)
Lily Struempf (Athlete Representative) Diana Fetterman (Staff Liaison)

Open Water

John Schonder (Coach) Sarah Darzacq (Athlete Representative)

Safe Sport

Kelly Schott (Official) Jonathan Riley (Z1N) (Coach)
Mark Taliaferro (Z1S) (Coach) Mark Ryan (Z2) (Official)
Debbi Tucker (Z3) (Official) Jodi Wright (Z4) (Coach)
Kate Aubrecht (Athlete Representative) Alisa Zhou (Athlete Representative)
Ethan Wang (Athlete Representative) Laurie Benton (Staff Liaison)


Annie Stein (Coach)  
Phil Grant (Z1S) (Official) Todd Krohn (Z2) (Coach)
Warren Lager (Z3) (Coach) Joann Porter (Z4) (Coach)
Kyle Kikuta (Age Group Chair) (Z1S) (Coach) Dan Cottam (Senior Chair) (Z2) (Coach)
Mike Allegretti (Age Group Coach Rep) (Z1N) Carlene Takaki (Senior Coach Rep) (Z1N)
Verónica Hernández (VP Program Develop.) Steve Morsilli (At-Large Member) (Z2) (Coach)
Don Heidary (Club Development) (Z2) (Coach) Ernest Leong (Athlete Representative)
Alyson McKeon (Athlete Representative)  


Tony Daly (Coach) Asher Green (Coach)
Andre Salles-Cunha (Coach) Kat Matheson (Coach)
Alisa Zhou (Athlete Representative) Lucy Norris (Athlete Representative)
Delainey Brandt (Athlete Representative) Annie Stein (Staff Liaison)