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November 23, 2022 - 2023 Club Membership Renewal Deadline Approaching

Hello Clubs and Organizations, this article is for all clubs that have not yet begun the renewal process for 2023. There is no paper club registration form to renew your club for 2023. The club renewal process for 2023 is done in the new USA Swimming SWIMS 3.0 club portal. Attached to this article you will find instructions on how your club administrator can access the club portal and begin the renewal process. It is critical that you start on this prior to the holiday closure. We suggest that each club start this process as soon as possible and definitely no later than the first week in December. We have 25 clubs out of just over 100 that have completed the process – congratulations to those already done!

One critical difference from prior club renewals is that each club is required to have all non-athlete coach and board of directors members (those who fall under “staff” in the portal) be current and in good standing at the time of renewal. If you have not already communicated to your non-athlete members on how to 1) renew their membership for 2023, 2) verify they are in good standing, you should make that a priority.
Click here for a PDF that will walk a member through renewing your non-athlete membership. Unlike in previous years, there is no way for you to pay the registration fee for the club’s non-athlete members. Each club should plan to reimburse their non-athlete club members after they have renewed their memberships, or you can provide members with a payment method (like a team credit card). You cannot write a check or make any sort of payment to the LSC for membership.
The club renewal fee is $225, but USA Swimming is only collecting their share of the fee. Once you have submitted your club renewal to USA Swimming and paid their $70.00 fee, the LSC will bill you for the remaining $155.00 LSC fee due. We will bill all clubs for renewal on December 15th, regardless of renewal status, but we do encourage you to begin the process early to make sure all your non-athlete coaches, board and key staff members are in good standing.
We will be offering support via email and some open Zoom call drop-in sessions should you need assistance with the renewal process. The Zoom Drop-In Sessions will be:
November 28th   4 pm – 6 pm (2 hours)
December 1st     4 pm – 7 pm (3 hours)
December 5th   10 am – 12 pm (2 hours)
December 5th     5 pm – 8 pm (3 hours)
Join Zoom Meeting – Topic Club Support Forum
Meeting ID: 999 4686 1365
For password: email

Document Download: 2023-usa-swimming-club-renewal.pdf