Upcoming 2022-23 Registration Procedures

Membership Registration Changes Coming Sept 1, 2022

You may have recently received some communication from USA Swimming regarding changes in membership.  If this news is completely new to you, this email will help catch you up to where we are currently.  The LSC covered a great deal of what we know and still don't yet know via the May House of Delegates meeting a few weeks ago.
Here's a list of key points:
  • Beginning September 1, 2022, for the 2022-2023 membership year, USA Swimming Membership Registration process will be available ONLINE. Currently we are not aware of a way to register anyone besides this new online process and we will not have new forms for 2023.  
  • The process requires clubs to provide new members a web link to create a Ping account and then register as a new member and pay online. Existing members will also need to create an account and link their membership, but we believe they can delay renewing their membership until later in the year. New and Existing members will receive a new unique 14 character alphanumeric member code to replace their existing USASwimming ID.
  • If you normally collect the fee for the USA Swimming Membership and send it to the LSC, you should plan for a transition beginning September 1 so that you are no longer collecting that fee - the LSC will not be able to process memberships we receive in September.  We may stop processing 2022 memberships in the last week of August to help with transition.
  • Deck Pass will no longer be available beginning September 1, sp we encourage each member to save a pdf copy of their DeckPass information so you have it readily available to reference during this switch to the new process.  

We will begin transitioning our Membership Forms area on our website to a Registration Information Area over the summer, adding more information for clubs and members as we receive it.  USA Swimming is sharing their communications to clubs with us about one day in advance of sending them out, so at any given point we probably have the same information you have. We've been told there will be training modules or videos available in July and lots of support as they ramp up this change. It may be a bit bumpy, but we'll get through it together.
For more information, please view this video from USA Swimming to the clubs on the new procedures:

Pacific Swimming offers a variety of membership options. Below will be the 2022-2023 fee amounts for each type of membership starting September 1, 2022:

  • Year-Round Athlete - $87
  • Fall Season Athlete - Season 1 - $46
  • Outreach - $5 (must meet the hardship requirement)
  • Coach - $87
  • Coach Life Member - $1,000
  • Non-Coach/Non-Athlete - $77
  • Non-Coach/Non-Athlete Life Member - $1,000
  • Outreach Non-Coach/Non-Athlete - $5 (must meet the hardship requirement)
  • Administrator - $36
  • Annual Club - $225
  • Seasonal Club - $140
  • Organization/Booster Club - $225
  • League - $500
  • Transfer Fee - $15

Registration instructions for the 2022-23 swim year will be available at the end of August 2022. If you have questions regarding registration, contact laurie@pacswim.org. For information on USA Swimming's Athlete Inclusion, Competitive Equity, and Eligibility Policy, please click here.

To see and hear all the information shared during the HOD presentation, go to the 32:33 mark of the recording link below:
Please reach out to the staff with any questions or concerns you have during this time and check the website for future updates.

Coaches, Club Contacts and Registrars,

On August 15, your club will have access, for the first time, to the new Club Portal supporting the new SWIMS 3.0 member database of USA Swimming. In order for your club to have access on August 15, we need to collect the name of the primary CLUB ADMINISTRATOR, the person who will have rights and permissions to set up other club portal users, and who will be the club administrator for your portal in SWIMS 3.0  This person must be a USA Swimming Member in good standing with all requirements met through at least the end of September. To submit the name of your Club Administrator to us please use the link below. WE MUST RECEIVE THIS INFORMATION PRIOR TO JULY 30 AND THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR SUBMITTING PROMPTLY.  Delaying this information may impact your ability to access the new portal.
For tutorials on the Club Portal and the new Online Member Registration (OMR), head to this link and watch the June 28 tutorial titled USING CLUB PORTAL WITHOUT A TEAM MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE PROVIDER.  Tutorial link - https://www.usaswimming.org/about-usas/resources/swims-database/coaches-team-leaders
Thank you for your prompt response!