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November 15, 2022 - 2023 USA Swimming Club Renewal


As the year-end approaches, it is time for each club to renew its Annual Club Membership with USA Swimming. With the introduction of Online Registration, this process is different from prior years. There is no paper form to fill out to renew, each club must renew online through their SWIMS 3.0 portal. The requirements are different now as well, as all members of the organization’s “staff” including all your Coaches/Board of Directors/Administrators (as defined in your club portal) MUST be current members in good standing. If the club membership lapses and the staff have not been renewed, no one from the club’s staff will be able to access the SWIMS 3.0 Club Portal. Athletes will not be able to join or renew their membership either. This may make it challenging for the club’s athletes to compete and they will have to transfer to UNATTACHED until the club’s renewal has been completed. The LSC will be limited in the assistance they can provide as only the LSC Registrar can assist with getting access back to your club.  Please get ahead of any issues and work on renewing the Annual Club Membership prior to mid-December to avoid any issues created by a lapse in club membership. The Pacific Swimming office is closed the last 10 days of December and USA Swimming will be closed during a similar period as well, so renewing before mid-December will help ensure a smooth transition to the new year.


To renew your club membership, you will need a club administrator to access the new SWIMS 3.0portal (via and once logged in, go to “Club” in the blue menu bar at the top of the page (see yellow circle below). From there, choose “Club Renewal” and you will open the Club Registration screen. There you will confirm or update information about the club (see the list on the left side below to see the screens that you must visit) by updating or confirming the Club Staff, Club Type, Legal Entity information, Club Affiliation, Screenings & Policies, Pre-Competitive Programming, Facilities, Mission Statement & Budget (not required for renewals and Emergency Plans(not required for renewals) until you have green checkmarks by all the categories. All of your staff must have a current membership in good standing to renew your Club Membership, so if any member of your club is out of compliance, we suggest getting those members updated and in good standing right away.

With all the green checkmarks, you can Save and then Submit. From there you can make payment to USA Swimming for $70.00 via credit card.  Pacific Swimming will bill you $155.00 for the LSC share of the club membership. Expect an invoice at the beginning of December if you have not renewed your club prior to that date.