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March 14, 2020 - A Note to Pacific Swimming Regarding The Next 30 Days

A note to Pacific Swimming Members:

A very tough week is coming to an end. Earlier this week, choosing to prioritize the health of the membership, USA Swimming strongly recommended cancelling all swim meets for 30 days. Pacific Swimming, as well as nearly every other LSC, is following their recommendation by cancelling upcoming meets including our most elite meet, the Far Westerns Championship. In many cases the decision was taken out of our hands as many local health departments, school districts and recreational agencies cancelled sports programs and restricted access to their facilities. We are all disappointed, but now is the time to protect those at risk in our communities. As we transition into this “new normal” of social distancing, please check our website for updates and other LSC news.  No one knows what will happen after this 30-day period comes to an end, but some public health experts are warning that these extreme measures will need to be extended.

To minimize disruptions, Pacific Swimming will continue to process meet sanctions that fall outside of this 30-day period, but they will be subject to cancellation should the 30-day period be extended. Pacific Swimming encompasses a large and diverse geographical area and our policy will continue to follow the recommendations and guidelines of the county health departments which have jurisdiction over the various venues where our meets will take place. Please be patient with us as well as your swim club leadership as we work together to safeguard the health and wellness of our communities by conforming to public health guidelines. We wish you and your family good health as we all navigate these challenging circumstances with everyone’s safety and well-being our top priority.  We look forward to seeing you on a pool deck soon. 

Pacific Swimming Board and Staff