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January 22, 2022 - Announcements from Pacific Swimming Office - January 2022

Happy New Year to all our Clubs and Coaches!
We just had a few reminders and some news to share with you all as we begin to wind down the first month of 2022.  
CERTIFICATES OF INSURANCE:  USA Swimming announced late last year that they had partnered with a new insurance provider. Click this link for INSURANCE INFORMATION , which includes the 2022 full packet and details for insurance coverage and optional coverage as well. You can go to to request an updated or additional Certificate of Insurance for your facility or any other event.
HEALTH INSURANCE FOR COACHES:  There's still time to get in on the current open enrollment period for health insurance offered in partnership with USA Equestrian. You can get more information on the program here HEALTH COVERAGE FOR COACHES  Open Enrollment in the third wave goes through January 31, 2022 and you can start the application process through that same link.
LAST CHANCE FOR ZOOM LICENSES:  USA SWIMMING is extending the window to get a Zoom License for 2022. If you missed the chance and still want the benefits of an enterprise Zoom License for only $240 per year please reach out to me ASAP and I will make the arrangements with you. The license is tied to one single email address and you will be billed by the LSC directly - included are hosting meetings with up to 500 participants, unlimited cloud storage for recording your meetings, webinar capabilities for up to 500 participants and unlimited number of meetings, plus all other enterprise benefits.
OPTC DISTANCE CAMP UPDATE:  After careful consideration, Pacific Swimming has decided to defer hosting a camp for athletes at the Olympic Paralympic Training Center in Colorado Springs this winter. The Executive Committee voted this week to postpone this camp until our athletes can travel together safely and without extraordinary constraints. We know this news will be very disappointing to many of our senior athletes. We will continue to evaluate our opportunities to host a camp at the OPTC at a date later in the year (should dates become available). We will also explore the possibility of hosting a camp within the LSC. We will be reaching out to gauge interest in an LSC camp or other opportunities we should consider.
KENT YOSHIWARA RECOGNIZED BY DIVERSITY IN AQUATICS:  Our own Kent Yoshiwara has been recognized by Diversity in Aquatics by being nominated for the Lee Pitts Award. This award is issued to honor an individual or organization or their leadership and their commitment towards organizing community based programs and partnerships, benefiting the least served. You can find out more about Diversity in Aquatics and vote for Ken HERE Congratulations! Thank you for everything you do for Pacific Swimming DEI programming.
CHANGE REGARDING BACKGROUND CHECKS:  Background checks cannot be initiated without first being a registered member. Previously one could initiate their background check prior to submitting their membership registration. Effective in  2022, this is no longer possible.  You must be a member prior to initiating a background check - please be sure to advise coaches and officials of this change, as well as other new potential non-athlete members.
CLUB CHECK-IN:  We're checking in and we want to know how everyone is doing in 2022. We survived 2021 - how's your club doing in 2022? What challenges are you facing? What do the struggles look like now for clubs and their athletes?  We want to hear from you because we want to help. If you are feeling helpless or hopeless with your club's challenges, let's start a conversation.  Please reach out to us via email at and we can help!