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October 3, 2014 - At 16, This Swimmer Broke Michael Phelps' Record. What's Next?

Source: Sharon Sims

What do you do when you already have beaten Michael Phelps' record at 16 years old?

For swimmer Justin Lynch, who turned 18 last month, he just keeps practicing, chasing that record-breaking performance, with an eye on the 2016 Rio Olympics.

His memory-making moment came at the USA Swimming world championship trials in June 2013. He'd broken a Phelps age-group record in the 100-meter butterfly at 14, but competition was stiffer among the older swimmers. While many of his competitors in the 15–16 age group already had ballooned up with muscles and ripped six-packs, Lynch looked pretty ordinary, his appearance giving no hint at the beast he was in the water...  Continue to reading the article here.

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