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July 22, 2014 - Changes to Senior Swimming Meet Structure

This September, Pacific Swimming is changing the format of it's Senior Swimming meet structure.  No longer will meets be assigned a SR-I, SR-II, SR-III or SR-IV designation.  Meets will now be assigned the following titles: SR Open, SR-II or SR Circuit.  Detailed information on each of these types of meets can be found below:

Senior Open

  • Swimmers 13/Over are eligible to compete without a qualifying standard
  • Swimmers 11 and 12 years old are eligible to swim in events where they meet the SR-Open time standard.
  • Swimmers 10/Under are ineligible to compete.
  • All SR-Open meets are timed final only.


Senior II

  • All swimmers must meet quaifying standards to compete.
  • Swimmers 13/Over must meet the SR-II time standard in one event.  To compete in additional events, 13/Over swimmers must meet the SR-Open time standard.
  • Swimmers 12 years old are eligile to compete if they meet the SR-II time standard.  12 year old swimmers are not eligibile to enter bonus events.
  • Swimmers 11/Under are ineligible to compete in SR-II competitions.
  • SR-II meets can either be run as a timed final or a trials & finals meet.  Discretion falls on the meet host.


Senior Circuit

  • Swimmers must meet the SR-Circuit time standard in one event to compete.  
  • Swimmers may enter an additional two bonus events.  Bonus times will be the SR-II time standard.
  • Swimmers 12/Under are ineligible to compete in SR-Circuit competitions.
  • All SR-Circuit meets will be trials & finals.


New Senior time standards are now available.  Download your copy now.