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November 20, 2020 - Congratulations 2020 Toyota US Open Swimmers

Congratulations to the Pacific Swimming athletes that qualified for and swam at the Toyota US Open last weekend. It has been a trying year and it is a great accomplishment that you swam at this National meet!

Alberto Mestre ALTO   Lucas Walker PASA
Zheng Wen Quah CAL   Masato daCosta PLS
Ema Rajic CAL   Sydney Lu PLS
Andy Song CAL   Tyler Lu PLS
Claire Beaty EBA   Mason Carlton QSS
Brandon Fisher LAC   Ella Mazurek QSS
Abigail Herscu LAC   Courtney Seljeseth QSS
Luke Hobson LAKE   Kailyn Winter QSS
Zach Le-Nguyen OAPB   Emma Karam RENO
Isabelle Henig PASA   Henry Blaul SEA
Audrey J-Cheng PASA   Jacob Soderlund TFA

Of note, at the Irvine site of the US Open, 16 year old Emma Karam of RENO achieved a new Olympic Trial Time in the 200 backstroke, finishing 12th nationally. Also 16 year old LAC swimmer, Abigail Herscu achieved a new Olympic Trial Time in the 100 breast and improved an already qualified time in the 200 breast. She was 18th nationally in both. 31 year old LAC swimmer Brandon Fischer won the 100 and 200 breast at the Irvine site and was 3rd nationally in the 200 breast.