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January 16, 2018 - Free 2017 ASCA World Clinic Yearbook For All Clubs

ASCA World Clinic Yearbook – 2017

Pacific Swimming has purchased a CD copy of the ASCA World Clinic Yearbook for each team in the LSC. The Yearbook contains transcripts of all the presentations given at this past ASCA World Clinic held in Washington, D.C. It includes over 270 pages of talks from 42 speakers. Included are:

Age Group Coaching presentations from Bill Aden, Guy Edson, Steve Haufler, John Leonard, and Kim Seaman

High School Coaching presentations from Sid Cassidy, Duffy Dillon, Jenn Gosline, Mac Guy, Kevin Kinel, Mark Morehouse, and Mike Stott

Senior Coaching presentations from John Atkinson, Jack Bauerle, Bob Bowman, Dave Durden, Braden Holloway, Ray Looze, Chris Morgan, and Eddie Reese

College Coaching presentations from Steve Bultman, Braden Holloway, Trevor Miele, Bill Roberts, Mike Schnur, and Ned Skinner.

Swim Business and Club Operations presentations from George Block, Peggy Ewald, Mac Guy, Kevin Kinel, John Leonard, Mike Stott, Tom Ugast, David Wendkos, and Beth Winkowski

Inspirational presentations by Kathy Kemper, George Kennedy, and John Leonard.

CDs were handed out to teams at the Santa Clara Senior Meet and the Zone 2 Championships. If you did not receive your CD at either of those two meets, your team's CD was given to your Zone Chair/Representative at the Board of Directors' Meeting on February 21, 2018. Please see them for your copy.

Please contact the Pacific Swimming Office, if you did not receive your copy or you need another copy.