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August 6, 2014 - Introducing the Speedo Swim Tip

Source: Chris Plumb, Head Coach, Carmel Swim Club

Pacific Swimming and Speedo USA have partnered up to provide our membership with monthly swim tips.  This month's tip comes from Speedo Advisory Coach Chris Plumb of the Carmel Swim Club.


The Speedo Dragster Parachute is a multifaceted training too that provides a swimmer with both superior resistance training and sport-specific strength.  The increased resistance allows a swimmer to truly feel an effective pull pattern, increasing the athlete's ability to move water efficiently.


To increase a swimmer's feel for the water, the Carmel Swim Club often swims sets alternating swimming with plastic whiffle balls and with an open hand.  The whiffle ball forces the swimmer to swim with high elbows.  When taken away, the swimmer feels increased sensory awareness.


Swimming with the  Speedo Bullet Head Snorkel gives a swimmer a chance to focus on their stroke technique without having to life their head to breathe.  This unique opportunity allows the swimmer to focus ontheir body alignment and posture in the water.


Having a strong core makes for a more efficient swimmer.  With a strong core, energy generated from the propulsive phases of a stroke are better transferred to the rest of the body.  Swimmers should be doing core stability work each and every day.  Having the ability to maintain posture and body alignment while swimming is a necessity that swimmers should constantly be working on.  Planks are a great example of a core exercise that can be almost anywhere.