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October 28, 2020 - New Coach Updates 10/28/20


We're bringing back our survey from the summer with a few more questions, please answer, preferably one per club, the following survey LINK IS HERE This survey really helps us make decisions about how to best help the clubs and what return to swimming will continue to look like through the winter. Thank you for participating, we appreciate your dedication to sharing information with us.
We're taking your college commitment announcements, so if you have Class of 2021 athletes who are decided, you can post them COLLEGE LINK IS HERE There is an article on the website that will continue to be updated starting on NLI Day, November 11th. Congrats to all our grads continuing to swim in college!
Zoom License sign up is now active.  You can read more this discounted USA Swimming offer via the attached pdf, or if you know you want to continue or get a Enterprise Zoom license for $120.00 a year, you can go right to the sign up link SIGN UP FOR ZOOM
Have a great week and we hope to hear from you soon!