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October 13, 2019 - Pacific Swimming Athletes Help to Feed the Hungry


Today, 44 Pacific Swimming athletes and families came out today to package food with Rise Against Hunger, an international hunger relief organization that distributes food and life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable, mobilizing the necessary resources to end hunger by 2030. These athletes packaged 10,000 meals of rice and soy. Because we are on the West Coast, this food will eventually be distributed to families in Mexico or Southeast Asia. Click here for more information on Rise for Hunger.



Thank you to the following athletes that volunteered to serve:

Sebastian Aamoth BSW   Anika Nagpal AAA
Lucia Angel TRIV   Hannah Nguyen TRIV
Julia Arrizon TERA   Khoa Nguyen TRIV
Sofia Arrizon TERA   Lydia Osborn OAPB
Nadia Arude SUNN   Danielle Padillo MP
Kate Aubrecht PST   Sean Padillo MP
Jasmine Barajas SUNN   Aidan Pflieger RENO
Jack Bell PST   Velvet Quinlavin TFA
Katie Buckley OAPB   Kyle Ridosko TRIV
Christian Ceja TERA   Nathanael Ridosko TRIV
Gabriel Cueva VJO   Ryan Ridosko TRIV
Gabriel Delos Angeles SCSC   Samuel Ridosko TRIV
Caroline Gjerde TRIV   Abigail Rivera-Gu OAPB
Andre Iranmahd TERA   Hunter Rohovit TRIV
Olivia Khan PASA   Taylor Rohovit TRIV
Sonia Khan PASA   Saya Ryan BAC
Daniel Lewis TERA   Lily Struempf OAPB
Ireland Lewis TERA   Derek Tizon TFA
Ramsey Lewis TERA   Zeynep Tokuz SCSC
Aden Li TERA   Madalyn Weltchek SCSC
Natalie Mak PLS   Christopher Winalski SCSC
Jivana Nagpal AAA   Nicholas Wu SCSC