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February 28, 2021 - PC Swimmers' College Commitments (Class of 2021)

Congratulations to the swimmers in the Class of 2021 who will be signing their NLI and/or have received their admission letters from the college they will be swimming at. If you know of any other PC swimmers in the Class of 2021 who have committed to swim at a college or university next fall, please let us know by filling out the information at this link
(Updated 6/20/21)

  Class of 2021
Swimmer Club College Commitment
JoAnn Adler SCSC Texas A&M University
Maile Andresen TERA University of Utah
Caleb Apodaca DACA Columbia University
Bianca Bayer TCA Chapman University
Joshua Beam DDST Soka University
Steffi Beisel SCSC University of Arizona
Margaret Buckley OAPB Harvard University
Jessica Calderoni PASA Pepperdine University
Mason Carlton QSS Indiana University - Bloomington
Allen Chang SCSC Pitzer College
Elizabeth Chatard TCA Carleton College
Brennan Cheney CROW University of Georgia
Matthew Chung SCSC Harvard University
James Conable ALGA Marist College
Jessica Davis CROW University of California Berkeley
Alexis DePaco CROW UC San Diego
Massimo DeSomma TCA Harvey Mudd College
Matthew Driscoll DACA UC Santa Barbara
Rhys Edwards SCSC Bowdoin College
Olivia Eukel OAPB Oberlin College
Jalen Evans OAPB MIT
Jennifer Fong OAPB Merritt College
Zion Fruge TERA Pitzer College
Justine Garcia SCSC Cal State East Bay
Cole Griscavage OAPB Swarthmore College
Channing Hanley OAPB University of Texas - Austin
Lindsay Hemming OAPB Pepperdine University
Jayden Hernandez QSS Concordia University Irvine
Luke Hobson LAKE University of Texas - Austin
Ana Jih-Schiff CROW UCLA
Sophie Kessler OAPB St. Olaf College
Isaac Kim OAPB University of Chicago
Jaewoo Kim CROW Bates College
Ryan Kobayashi RHAC Wesleyan University
Zach Le-Nguyen OAPB Brown University
Madreena Lee TERA Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Sophie Lurie OAPB Middlebury College
Ella Mazurek QSS University of California Berkeley
Olga Merkadeau OAPB Macalaster College
Jivana Nagpal AAA Carleton College
Connor Orth TIDE Florida Institute of Technology
May Ling Roberts NBA Pomona College
Connor Rodgers MBSC George Washington University
Taylor Rohovit TRIV Johns Hopkins University
Saya Ryan BAC Washington University in St. Louis
Luke Scanlon TRIV Providence College
Ashley Scafetta PASA Boston University
Zev Schuman NBA Princeton University
Dillon Smith SRVA California State University, Bakersfield
Rea Smith CROW United States Military Academy at West Point
Skyler Smith PEAK University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Jacob Soderlund TFA University of California Berkeley
Charles Stewart NBA Emory University
Kenneth Thien SCSC Boston College
Andrew Wang PLS United States Military Academy at West Point
Maggie Wells BSW Colorado School of Mines
Emma Willmer OAPB San Diego State University
Kailyn Winter QSS University of Alabama
Justin Wong NBA UC Santa Barbara