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January 10, 2023 - Recap of Pac Coast All-Star Meet by Travel Team Coordinator

Thank you to all the Pacific All-Star Team members and the parents who support their athletes! And a big thank you to Head Coach Tony, and Alex, Colby and Daniel for guiding the team to an impressive victory.

The meet this weekend was amazing! So many individual victories and an outstanding success as a team, not to mention winning the meet -- and breaking Southern California’s 12 year reign of being the Pac Coast All-Star Champions! At the meet, there were 16 new records established. And most of these long-standing records were broken by the Pacific Swimming All-Star athletes, in both individual and team events. At the meet, the energy level was incredible, and for those who were unable to attend, the noise level was deafening.

While winning the meet was fantastic, what was touching was to see these 32 athletes come together as a cohesive team. New friendships were formed, and life-long memories created. Each athlete showed remarkable talent and athletic ability, and were positive and supportive of their teammates and opponents throughout the event.