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February 18, 2015 - Reduced Fees for Non-Athlete Background Checks

Source: USA Swimming

Sterling has reduced the cost of non-athlete background checks.  A new background check has been reduced from $39 to $36.50, renewals from 19 to $18.

On, there are now only two options for completing a background check--"New Member" and "Renewal."  Previously, choices were "Coach/Official" or "Non-Athlete Member."  The non-athlete option was for all members who were not a coach or official.  Level I background checks have been eliminated; all new non-athlete members will go through a Level II background check.

Renewals have not changed.  Members that initiate a renewal will continue to be processed at whatever level they were originally, but if the membership status is changed to official or coach, a “New Member” check will need to be initiated in order for that member to have a coach/official level background check.  

EXAMPLE: Susie Parent originally initiated a Level I check in 2013 and will continue to renew at this level UNLESS she wants to change her membership to coach or official, instead of “other”. If she is changing to official or coach, she will have to complete a “New Member” background check before the change can be completed. 

If the non-athlete/other changes to official or coach, you will see a flag on their record, “A Level 2 background check is required for this Official/Coach”. This message is how you will know that theyyou didn’t do a New Member background check and need to do so. If you complete the renewal background check within the last 30 days, and need to switch to a Level II, click here and pay the difference. If it has been more than 30 days, you will have to start over with a New Member background check and pay the full $36.50.