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September 4, 2015 - USA Swimming Annouces the 2014-2015 Scholastic All America Team

Source: USA Swimming

Pacific Swimming is home to 107 Scholastic All America Athletes, second only to the North Carolina Swimming LSC. Out of the 1,925 qualifiers in the nation, there were only three perfect scores this year, one of them being Maxime Rooney of the Pleasanton Seahawks who won national championship titles and achieved a 4.0 GPA. Congratulations Maxime!

Pacific Swimming would like to congratulate all of the following PC swimmers that are part of the 2014-2015 Scholastic All America Team!

Last Name First Name Club # Years 4.0
Fornshell Laura AIA 1  
Korelov Mikhail ALGA 1 yes
Fusari Alexa CROW 1  
Miller Abigail CROW 1  
White Forrest CROW 1  
Cottrill Emma DA 1 yes
Smith Rachel DA 2 yes
Chen Ivy DACA 2 yes
Jin Sarah DACA 2 yes
Shang Keven DACA 2 yes
Yan Houfu DACA 1  
Koontz Shelby DDST 2 yes
Crook Megan EBA 3 yes
Lightstone Serena EBA 2 yes
Zhang Lyon EBA 1 yes
Yeung Anthony FF 1 yes
Kipling Dagen LAKE 1 yes
Miller Christopher LAKE 2 yes
Tung Jeffrey LAKE 2 yes
Cunnan Nathaniel MP 1 yes
Hardman Daniel MP 1  
Morris Halle MP 1 yes
Scott Riley MP 3 yes
Andrews Theo NBA 2  
Boboff Sheldon NBA 1 yes
Cumming Aidan NBA 1  
Dahlke Mikaela NBA 2 yes
Lewczyk Peter NBA 1 yes
Ashby Mary OAPB 3  
Cane Katherine OAPB 1  
Erickson Nicholas OAPB 1  
Lennon Matthew OAPB 2 yes
Simpson Jake OAPB 2  
Therien Claire OAPB 2 yes
Ward Emily OAPB 2  
Ama Joao PASA 2 yes
Arvidsson Karl PASA 1 yes
Brett Hana PASA 1 yes
Campbell Jennifer PASA 2 yes
Cheng Robert PASA 1 yes
Gwo Albert PASA 2 yes
Hartman Alexandra PASA 1  
Ho Benjamin PASA 2 yes
Holman Kayla PASA 2 yes
Katter Heidi PASA 3 yes
Lincoln Michael PASA 1 yes
Matsuda Daichi PASA 2 yes
Perez Annalisa PASA 1  
Pokutta Maximilian PASA 1  
Tuck Natalie PASA 1  
Wang Winston PASA 2 yes
Wong Elizabeth PASA 1 yes
Wong Vicky PASA 1 yes
He Jessica PEAK 1 yes
Chong Christina PLS 2 yes
Chung Eva PLS 3  
Gilchrist Alexander PLS 1  
Kaleta Victoria PLS 1  
Rooney Maxime PLS 2 yes
Woods Mary PLS 1  
Green Lauren QSS 1 yes
Lang Aric QUIK 1 yes
Meyer Mckenna RENO 2 yes
Aisawa Kevin SCSC 3 yes
Burrill Cooper SCSC 3 yes
Farr David SCSC 2 yes
Gorelik Mark SCSC 1  
Jangid Aditya SCSC 1 yes
Koo Caitlyn SCSC 1 yes
Krivokapic-Zhou Sophie SCSC 1 yes
Ma Jenny SCSC 1 yes
Shimomura Sarah SCSC 1  
Soe Sandra SCSC 3  
Thomas Matthew SCSC 1  
Ting Stefanie SCSC 1 yes
Wu Nanette SCSC 2 yes
Hussain Austin SEA 1 yes
Maxfield Lily SRN 3 yes
Huang Vincent SRVLA 1 yes
Bottene Maxwell TERA 2  
Fromson-Ho Alys TERA 2 yes
Han Malorie TERA 2 yes
Liu Skyler TERA 1 yes
Reynolds Sophia TERA 1 yes
Hosmer Taylor TIGR 2  
Andrade Aubrey UN 1  
Boles Catherine UN 2 yes
Garcia Gianna UN 2 yes
Lee Justin UN 2 yes
Shaker Sharif UN 1 yes
Wang Sarah UN 1  
Rosario Elina VJO 1 yes
Doan Natalie WCAB 3 yes
Heng Gabriella WCAB 1  
Hornbuckle Alyssa WCAB 1 yes
Horne Jake WCAB 1 yes
Horner Matthew WCAB 2 yes
Kirkpatrick Calvin WCAB 2 yes
Knowles Natalie WCAB 1 yes
Lutzker Aaron WCAB 2 yes
Middleton Tara WCAB 1 yes
Ottati Zachary WCAB 2 yes
Poppe Hank WCAB 2 yes
Rollo Jake WCAB 1  
Schillinger Marie-Claire WCAB 3 yes
Sprague Delaney WCAB 1 yes
Watson Grant WCAB 2 yes

For more details and a full list of athletes, click here.

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