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September 17, 2021 - Virtual Summer Series Results

Congratulations to all those that participated in the Virtual Summer Series! The Top 3 High Point winners in each age group and gender are listed below and certificates will be sent out shortly. All participants will receive a commemorative bag tag for being a part of this series. Congratulations to all!

Please remember the swimmer's entries had to have come from a swim between 6/18/21 and 8/1/21 AND that times were recorded with the age of the swimmer on 6/18/21 for the entirety of the Series Meet.

High Point Winners - SCY
Female   Male
    8 & Under    
Beatrice S Ritter AAA 1st  John H Rodrigue UD
Ella Cho GSMY 2nd    
    9 Year Old    
Madeline S Wellington UD 1st Griffin C Young LO
Annelise S Levin DACA 2nd Tej S Haldankar GSMY
    10 Year Old    
Clara H Young LO 1st Jack M Wellington UD
Stella J Ritter AAA 2nd Adrian Cho GSMY
Anna J Pankhurst BSW 3rd Jeffery F Latronica HILL
    11 Year Old    
Cameron S Forbes NBA 1st Jonah G Hsu PASA
Alora F Nieto UD 2nd Armin D Schneider AAA
Mihika L Iyer GSMY 3rd    
    12 Year Old    
Zoe H Wong SCSC 1st Aasish Dangol AAA
Elaine Birkhold FOG 2nd Marcus J Tomola SON
Lillian R Yung OAPB 3rd Jayden Dao GSMY
    13 Year Old    
Arcadia J Li HILL 1st Alexander M Ries MCSD
Elissa K Barte SVS 2nd Bennett R Spencer UD
    3rd Mirek J Hanacek HILL
    14 Year Old    
Kelly S Song PEAK 1st Zachary D Power LAKE
Jessica M Kraemer UD 2nd Kyle R Kengla WCAB
Mia M Walsh HILL 3rd Allan Yeh PSL
    15 Year Old    
Alana M Silva BSW 1st Nicholas A Larson UD
Veronica Vetter SEA 2nd    
    16 Year Old    
Samantha A Li EBA 1st Joshua C Hunter HILL
Ai-Li X Baird PST 2nd Chester J Tsze GSMY
    17 Year Old    
Olivia K Hines LAKE 1st    
Ainsley J Tambling LO 2nd    
    18 Year Old    
Laura I Vetter SEA 1st    


High Point Winners - LCM
Female   Male
    8 & Under    
Cielo L Balbuena PEAK 1st Dylan Cheng BAC
Adriana Lema BAC 2nd Owen A Rodde BAC
Lyla A Guenther BAC 2nd Andrew Croskery BAC
    9 Year Old    
Marina Didenko TERA 1st Ethan Cheng PLS
Miley D Ulicki TERA 2nd Thomas S Reed TERA
Keira T Liang BAC 3rd Brayden M Sterker BAC
    10 Year Old    
Jade M Estimo PLS 1st Patrick T Salistra QSS
Claire E Meissner TERA 2nd Dylan B Kim PLS
Simone L Morrison TERA 3rd Avery Y Kuziemko BAC
    11 Year Old    
Elise Qiu BAC 1st Dylan G Yang BAC
Ashley Cheng BAC 2nd Morgan T Wendler TERA
Abigail F Zarahn BAC 3rd Jacob M Idio BAC
    12 Year Old    
Zoe H Wong SCSC 1st Luka V Mijatovic PLS
Chloe Yip TIDE 2nd Derek Shang QSS
Madison Kwok BAC 3rd Kealan P Tupper PLS
    13 Year Old    
Davina Huang SCSC 1st Kyle A Stilinovich TERA
Audrey D Deras TERA 2nd Enzo L Balbuena PEAK
Sophia H Vu BAC 3rd Jordan J Estimo PLS
    14 Year Old    
Kelly S Song PEAK 1st Zachary D Power LAKE
Haylee A Wong TERA 2nd Mason J Wendler TERA
Jordan A Ash NBA 3rd Kevin Y Raghunathan BAC
    15 Year Old    
Sydney G Niles BAC 1st Jeremy E Coe BAC
Claire Y Kuziemko BAC 2nd William L Walz BAC
Sage E Huddleston BAC 3rd Joaquin K Grafilo BAC
    16 Year Old    
Parker J  Del Balso BAC 1st Hayden M Tupper PLS
Samantha A Li EBA 2nd Thomas L Bellemin BAC
Hayden J Cutler BAC 3rd Ryan Y Lin BAC
    17 Year Old    
Emory E Tudor BAC 1st Kenneth M Kohn BAC
Emily G Tenczar TIDE 2nd Andre F Lapachet BAC
Grace H Deluca BAC 3rd Derik Liu BAC
    18 Year Old    
Eve Kearns BAC 1st Raymond L Iacobacci BAC
Alice S Peterson BAC 2nd William H Birdsong TERA
Anna A Grinberg BAC 3rd Caleb M Nashner TIDE


Team High Point Winners - SCY
Female   Male
San Jose Goosemonkeys 1st Ukiah Dolphins
Albany Armada Aquatics 2nd San Jose Goosemonkeys
Ukiah Dolphins 3rd The Hills Hurricane Swimming
San Jose Goosemonkeys 1st  
Ukiah Dolphins 2nd  
Albany Armada Aquatics 3rd  
Team High Point Winners - LCM
Female   Male
Burlingame Aquatics 1st Burlingame Aquatics
Terrapins Swim Team 2nd Terrapins Swim Team
Almaden Riptide 3rd Pleasanton Sea Hawks
Burlingame Aquatics 1st  
Terrapins Swim Team 2nd  
Pleasanton Sea Hawks 3rd  


For full results, click below:

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LCM Results HTML
LCM Results Zip File