Safety Considerations for Facilities

Safety Action/Emergency Response Plans

All clubs are recommended to develop a Safety Action Plan for each of the facilities that are used for their aquatic activities, whether for meets or practice sessions. In most cases, pool space is rented or leased from a pool operator, in which case the club is obliged to conduct their acitivities in a manner consistent with the pool's regulations, policies and procedures. The pool should inquire as to what kind of emergency plan the pool operator has in place, and then work with the operator to develop a plan suitable for the club's activities at the pool.

Safety Checklists for Aquatic Facilities

USA Swimming has assembled several checklists for aquatic facilities that can be useful during the setup of a meet. The checklists which are available in the USA Swimming Safety/Loss Control Guidelines are useful for clubs as an aid for routine checking on the safety conditions of their pools. In addition, Pacific Swimming has developed a Safety Checklist for Aquatic Facilities that is also being considered by USA-S for nationwide use.

Pool Covers

The dangers of a swimmer becoming trapped beneath a pool cover were brought home recently by the accidental drowning of a water polo player at a pool within Pacific's teritory who was trapped under a partially covered area. Pacific Swimming advises member clubs that while it's the responsibility of pool operators to establish policies and procedures for use of pool covers, it is essential that clubs be aware of the operator's regulations, policies and procedurs, and ensure that both coaches and athletes comply. 

Poolside Electrical Safety

USA Swimming rules require that al euipment permanently or temporarily connected to electrical circuits at line voltages must be protected by ground-fault interrupter (GFI) devices. State and local regulations provide more detailed requirements. Note, pool operators are bound to follow these mandates. Some pool operators have adopted policies on use and placement of electrical equipment on their decks. Pool users should discuss these policies before and during meet setup.