Safety in National Governing Bodies for Swimming

USA Swimming Safety Education Committee

The Safety Education Committee is a standing committee of USA Swimming that reports to the Vice President of Local Administration.  Their purpose is to review USA Swimming's policies and procedures for safety considerations, as well as review accident statistics and make safety recommendations on trainings and activities. The committee is currently comprised of nine volunteer members including coaches, swimmers, and others, plus a staff liaison. Most information generated by this committee can be found under the risk management and safety section of the USA Swimming website. Additional information can be found in USA Swimming's Safety/Loss Control Manual.


All members of USA Swimming (athlete, coach, and non-athlete) are covered under USA Swimming's umbrella insurance policy. This policy is written by the United States Sports Insurance Corporation (USSIC) and is administered by USA Swimming's Risk Management Services. It is critical that all athletes, coaches and non-athletes (officials, meet directors, etc) be duly registered USA Swimming members in order to ensure insurance coverage. More information on your insurance coverage as a USA Swimming member can be found on the USA Swimming website.

US Masters Swimming

United States Masters Swimming (USMS) is a national organization that provides organized workouts, competitions, clinics and workshops for adults 18 years and over. It has no formal relationships with USA Swimming; however, registered members of USA Swimming may participate in a USMS activity, and vice-versa, with full benefits of the insurance protection of their respective organizations.