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October 13, 2015 - New Travel Support Guidelines and Documents

Travel support has been approved for Winter Meets.Travel support includes airfare plus a $300 stipend. The total airfare support amounts are as follows:

US Winter Nationals, Seattle, WA
Dec. 3-5
Airfare Allowance $180 ($250 from RENO)

US Winter Jr. Nationals, Austin, TX
Dec. 9-12
Airfare Allowance $300 ($320 from RENO)

Winter Sectionals, Los Angeles, CA
Dec. 18-21
Stipends of $100-$200 per swimmer

Forms to apply for athlete and coach travel support have been updated. Click here to be taken to the Travel Support page. You will find the forms in Excel and PDF formats.

Note: There are separate forms for each of the following meets: Winter Nationals, Winter Jr. Nationals, and Winter Sectionals.