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September 30, 2013 - USA Swimming to Offer New Membership Cards Beginning 2014

Each year, Pacific Swimming issues paper membership cards to our members.  In addition to this card, this fall, USA Swimming will issue a membership packet to all athlete members.  This packet will include a personalized plastic membership card, sticker and poster.  The hopes of this new card is to give each athlete member a physical membership card as well as promote the creation of a new digital membership card (available via the Deck Pass app), and connect members to USA Swimming’s partners. 

All members should make sure to take advantage of the updated Deck Pass app (currently available for Apple and Adroid phones).  One of the app’s new features includes a digital membership card, which can serve as proof of membership for all athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers.

To get a better understanding on the new membership card and all of its benefits, download the ‘Membership Card Overview’ below.

Also note, that after the 2014 swim year, Pacific Swimming will phase out our paper membership cards an d rely strictly on the USA Swimming membership card.

Document Download: membership-card-overview.pdf